This is a list of Khan Academy programs and Scratch projects made by CoderDojo students. To play one click the "show" button.

Khan Academy programs

You can click "Save on Khan Academy" to go to the program's page, where you can edit it, save it, and show it to your friends! (If you have a Khan Academy account.)

The code is on the left; the "canvas" or result is on the right.

Paddle Ball Game

Catch the apples! A game featuring a 100x100 canvas

Scratch Projects

You can go to the original project to favorite, post comments, and remix the project, but you need an account!

Mario Game on Scratch

(Original game: Click here)

Infinity Cat on Scratch

(Original game: Click here)

Car Race 2 on Scratch

(Original games: Car Race 1 and Car Race 2)


If you are learning HTML you can show your cool stuff. It has to fit inside of a 640x480 rectangle in order not to take up space. [Experimental]


Want your creation here? Go to Khan Academy or Scratch and make your own programs/projects, or go to Codecademy to learn HTML! Remember to send them or show them at a dojo metting!
Need inspiration? Here's some challenges. Try to build the game or program: